Introducing The Leading Web Design Competition in Sri Lanka

Introducing The Leading Web Design Competition in Sri Lanka, an annual web design competition held in Sri Lanka, has gained significant popularity amongst industry professionals and web enthusiasts alike. Established in 2009, the competition aims to recognize and acknowledge the best website designs in the country, showcasing the talent and creativity of Sri Lankan web developers.

The website,, serves as the central hub of this prestigious competition. It provides a platform for participants to submit their entries, as well as serves as a resource for web design trends, tips, and inspiration. Visitors to the site can also access information about past winners, expert web design teams, and sponsors supporting the event.

Now in its twelfth year, has solidified its reputation as the ultimate destination for showcasing outstanding web design in Sri Lanka. The competition attracts a diverse range of participants, from established agencies to independent freelancers, with each vying for the coveted award.

In the competitive world of web design, faces some stiff competition from other similar platforms. One such competitor is, which also focuses on recognizing excellence in web design. However, has a distinct advantage with its longevity and established reputation. Its consistent dedication to celebrating and promoting outstanding web design has set it apart within the industry.

Another notable competitor is LK Awards, which also recognizes various online achievements, including web design. However,’s exclusive focus on web design allows it to offer a more specific platform tailored to web designers and enthusiasts. This dedication ensures that the highest standards of web design are upheld and celebrated.

As the Sri Lankan web design industry continues to flourish, remains at the forefront, inspiring designers and pushing the boundaries of creativity in the digital space. With its user-friendly website, expert judges, and extensive industry network, is set to maintain its position as the leading web design competition in Sri Lanka for years to come.

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